For such foods one lives, 
or be buried alive,
fall into an abyss,
or thrown 1000 miles into Tartaros
exclaimed a participant 
of a Greek eating party exclaimed!


At De Veurn’Ambachtse you can choose between a wide range of patés, terrines, verrines, foie gras, potted meats, rillettes and Bolle [Corned] Beef.

Each one is traditionally prepared with ingredients from our own region!
The products are distributed at home and abroad through wholesalers to delicatessens, web shops, caterers...
Thanks to our wide range of beer patés, we may perhaps claim that we are the absolute specialists in this field!

The Potje Paté Restaurant

The rich range from De Veurn’ Ambachtse on the unique menu at The Potje Paté Restaurant.

The Potje Paté stands for the rediscovery of traditional, recognised regional products and gastronomic delicatessen! 

Sterilising, pasteurising, boiling, frying, grilling, drying, smoking, maturing… everything is done in the kitchen and workshop at the Potje Paté Restaurant. 
Meat obviously takes pride of place, but we certainly also have a place for the vegetarians among us and will serve you with equal enthusiasm and the same passion...

The Little Paté Shop

You will find the finest range and the most delicious flavours from our workshop in our little paté shop.

Take your pick from the immense range of 40 different patés, foie gras, mousses, potted means, rillettes, corned beef and other traditional charcuterie prepared in-house.

The Little Paté Shop forms a single whole with De Veurn’ Ambachtse meat products workshop and the Potje Paté.

Joris van Jan, van Georges, van Marcel, van Koaten, van Menten,... 
6 generations of butchers from Werken

'N hele historie