Kaatsspelstraat 1

8690 Alveringem

tel. 058 29 89 33

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings. Open all other days from 10.00 a.m. to ...

Kitchen open from 11h30 a.m. till 2h30 p.m. and from 5h30 p.m. till 8h30 p.m.

NEXT CLOSURE/ HOLIDAY: Wednesday 25 October to Wednesday 9 November 

Restaurant - Carmen Missiaen

In 2000 the former bank building (previously De Zwaan café) was purchased adjacent to De Veurn' Ambachtse production plant. On the suggestion of Carmen’s alma mater (Spermalie Hotel School at Koksijde) it was decided to make it into a tasting house and a small paté shop. Carmen is responsible for the reception, while Joris is responsible for the preparation and the kitchen. Together with their team they aim to offer you the best possible service!

Kitchen - Joris Missiaen

’t Potje Paté’s menu is my evolution in the kitchen. A growing curiosity, looking for perfect products, food pairing and simply applied, new cooking techniques. Perfecting or simply improving. Questioning myself every day …

In brief: my taste, my vision!

Refined dishes

Thanks to our increasing knowledge a growing number of fine dishes were added based on our own products. For the menus at ‘t Potje Paté we employ the same vision as in our kitchen, i.e. working creatively with traditional regional products and gastronomical delicacies.

Everything is made in-house and prepared à la minute! In other words, what is on the menu is supervised quality from A to Z!

The basic product is central to all our dishes. This must be of top quality and preferably originate from our own region!

For Foodies

The products of our pantry are, of course, central to the menu at our catering business. Setting up our restaurant takes place in the kitchen! With our own products I try to work creatively, yet simply. To show customers that you can make not only beautiful, but especially delicious dishes using top quality ingredients. We encourage people to buy our products from the local butcher or from the delicatessen around the corner and let them get to work in their own kitchen. We also try to convince other catering businesses and colleagues to use regional products, because that is the future!