Since 1980

The "De Veurn’Ambachtse" [The Veurne Artisan] meat products workshop was started up in Alveringem in 1980. The intention from the day one was to work in a traditional manner. Accordingly, traditional procedures were employed instead of modern industrial production methods.
In 2000 son Joris and daughter Carmen entered the business and De Veurn'Ambachtse expanded further with the opening of the Potje Paté Restaurant. This is the tasting house par excellence for the numerous gastronomic delicacies from De Veurn'Ambachtse and obviously for items that are even more delicious. Next to Potje Paté you will find the Paté Winkeltje [Little Paté Shop] where you can choose from the complete range from of De Veurn'Ambachtse.

Our extensive range is subdivided into: large jars, small bowls and foie [liver]. 

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