Flanders Bolle Beef / Corned Beef

Bolle Beef is in fact pickled meat. It is soup meat that is boiled slowly for up to twelve hours, put into jars and, finally has stock poured over it and used for its preparation. Sometimes the meat is also minced.

Foie Gras

Foie gras is an expensive product, so it is important to select only the liver that satisfies all the quality criteria. That is why at De Veurn’Ambachtse we choose only goose liver of up to 500/600gr. These are firmer in structure and have a finer even colour. Moreover, we buy directly from our partners in France and Hungary, thereby guaranteeing high quality and a tasty product.


Paté is traditionally served fried in a crust (en croûte) or poured as a terrine. The crust, interestingly enough, was originally not intended to be eaten. The original purpose of the crust was actually to hold the paté together.

Nowadays the terms paté and terrine are often used interchangeably. Paté is a mixture of seasoned and minced meat. Beef, pork, liver, ham, game, poultry ... can all be used for paté.

Potted meat from the Westhoek

Potted meat is a regional dish from the Westhoek and French Flanders. Potted meat is normally prepared from the 3 Ks (3 Ks [in Dutch] = chicken, veal and rabbit), but preparation using only chicken is also described as potted meat or designated  as potted hen. Besides the 3 Ks, the potted meat is flavoured with a broth of lemon, vinegar, white wine or beer.


Rillettes are a pure meat product. Recipes for them are to be found in the oldest cookbooks. There are coarse and fine rillettes, depending on how they are treated after being simmered until soft. They can be kept a long time because they lose a lot of moisture through evaporation. They are generally presented in earthenware pots, covered with a layer of pure fat. Rillettes can, however, also be made from the meat of rabbit, goose or game.